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chicken run (2000) - aardman animations coop hut no.3 film movie prop model

Original price £2,500.00 - Original price £2,500.00
Original price
£2,500.00 - £2,500.00
Current price £2,500.00

CHICKEN RUN Chicken Run (2000) - coop hut No.3 from the Aardman Animations classic featuring Julia Sawalha and Mel Gibson.  Finished in dark brown...

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20,000 leagues under the sea (1997) - paul gross, grey suede jacket costume prop

Original price £200.00 - Original price £200.00
Original price
£200.00 - £200.00
Current price £200.00

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1997) - Paul Gross as Ned Land, production made grey suede cloth jacket. Angels Costumie...

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bridget jones' diary - screen used hugh grant daniel cleaver jacket costume prop

Original price £2,000.00 - Original price £2,000.00
Original price
£2,000.00 - £2,000.00
Current price £2,000.00

Bridget Jones' Diary Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001) - Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver, screen used Agnes b. homme Paris black overcoat from the film also...

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b.b.c doctor who - earthshock (1982) original destroyed cyberman foam prop, bonhams

Original price £100.00 - Original price £100.00
Original price
£100.00 - £100.00
Current price £100.00

Cyberman Acid Foam Extrusions Doctor Who: Earthshock (1982) - Original destroyed Cyberman exploded acid effect body extrusion fragments. Made from ...

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two weeks notice (2002) - hugh grant george wade suit jacket & trousers costume prop

Two Weeks Notice Two Weeks Notice (2002) - Hugh Grant as George Wade, single-breasted dark blue striped suit from the film also starring Sandra Bu...

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titanic (1997) -white star line- original crew jumper uniform costume prop

'White Star Line' Jumper Costume Titanic (1997) - R.M.S. Titanic ‘White Star Line’ crewman’s knitted navy-blue jumper with reversed logo, from the...

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harry potter -dobby- full scale life size film display prop figure

Dobby Harry Potter - A freestanding life size display prop of Dobby. Solid inner skeleton structure with a hand-painted padded rubber latex outer ...

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b.b.c doctor who - resurrection of the daleks (1984), original jacket costume prop

Doctor Who Vinyl Jacket Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks (1984) - Original red, yellow, black and grey quilted vinyl jacket costume, the sho...

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doctor who - crinkley bottom blobbyland theme park cyberman head display prop

Cyberman Display A large Doctor Who Cyberman display prop, hand crafted by Sevenas Model, reputably a set dressing from the 1990’s Noel Edmunds Cr...

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b.b.c doctor who - mindwarp (1986), original crozier tunic costume prop

Doctor Who Crozier Costume Doctor Who: Mindwarp (1986) - Patrick Ryecart as Crozier the evil brain-transplanting scientist, original surgical tuni...

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b.b.c doctor who -sontaran- two doctors (1985), mask prop made from original mould

Doctor Who Sontaran Head Doctor Who: The Two Doctors (1985) - later Sontaran head pulled from original prop mould. The head is made of a thick rub...

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b.b.c doctor who - remembrance of the daleks (1988), original exploded dalek cork prop

Doctor Who Dalek Cork Dressing Doctor Who: Remembrance of Daleks (1988) - Original cork dressing from an exploded Dalek. Larger piece measures app...

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b.b.c doctor who -love & monsters- original jackie tyler hoodie costume prop

Doctor Who Jackie Tyler Hoodie Doctor Who: Love &Monsters (2006) - Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler, original hooded tracksuit style top of turq...

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iconic replicas -virgil tracy- 1:1 full studio scale thunderbirds prop puppet

Thunderbirds - Virgil Tracy Iconic Replicas, Thunderbirds - A 1:1 full studio scale replica puppet of Gerry Anderson’s Virgil Tracy with posable a...

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monsters inc (2001) - life size disney pixar mike wazowski promotional prop figure

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