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PM Antiques And Collectables – What Sets Us Apart From Auction Houses

PM Antiques And Collectables – What Sets Us Apart From Auction Houses

PM Antiques & Collectables are a Surrey-based retailer specialising in a wide array of collector’s items including toys, memorabilia, art, ceramics and decorative interiors. From individual items to comprehensive collections, we buy and sell all things collectable.

We’re always looking for interesting items to add to our eclectic range and offer a free quotation no obligation sales service. Here’s why you should sell to us rather than through an antiques auction house:



We offer a free quotation no obligation sales service, either online or on location. Where feasible, home visits can be arranged. Our sales service is simplistic, accessible and easy to follow so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home or queue for hours to speak to a specialist. We buy entire collections and contents of property.

Simply provide us with some covering details and we’ll reach out to you for a further discussion. Our response time is quick and you can contact us through our website, via email, over the telephone or on Facebook and social media. PM Antiques & Collectables are a recommended business who you can trust.


No fees or charges as incurred by auction houses

Auction houses generally charge a commission percentage and flat rate admin fee (commonly known as ‘lotting fee’, charged whether or not the lot sells) on the goods you consign. Commission rates are typically around 18% inc. VAT and admin/lotting fees can exceed £18 inc. VAT per lot. On that basis you’d need your lot to sell for at least £20 hammer price before you receive anything back. If your lot sells for below £20 hammer price, you’ll owe the auction house money as the seller charges exceed the value of your goods. You’d typically expect a return of £60-75 if your lot sold for £100 hammer price.

At PM Antiques & Collectables the price we quote is the total amount you receive. We don’t charge our vendors admin fees or commission for selling their goods to us.


Quick payment

When you consign to auction you might have to wait several weeks or months before your goods go under the hammer. You’ll normally have to wait a further month before the sale proceeds (hammer price less charges) are paid to you.

Here at PM Antiques & Collectables we usually pay our vendors immediately after receiving their goods. For more complex sales, such as large collections or estates, payment can take slightly longer.


Contact us 

Looking to sell antiques, art and collectables? Visit our Sell page to learn about how you can receive a free quotation on your items. Feel free to contact us on 01932 640113 or if you have any questions or enquiries.

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