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3 Reasons Why Antiques Are Good Investments

3 Reasons Why Antiques Are Good Investments

If you saw a sign that said “Antiques for sale”, we can bet that your first thought wasn’t “That’s a good investment” – are we wrong? This is often a misconception. Antiques can be great investments for many reasons, of which here are a few:


Antiques appreciate in value 

When you think of an investment, what comes to mind? A house? A classic car? A savings account? All of these so-called ‘investments’ fluctuate in price, you can buy them for a certain price, but there is no guarantee that you’ll achieve a healthy return on your investment. It could be years or even decades before there is a significant spike in value. And what’s worse; they can depreciate in value. For instance, if the housing market falls you could be selling a house for less than you bought it for. Antiques and collectables could be the solution. Again, there’s no guarantee but rare, unique and well-manufactured items are unlikely to depreciate in value. 


More secure than a bank account and not influenced by economic downturns 

Do you trust your bank? Scammers are getting more prominent by the day and many are scared for their finances. One easy way to protect your funds is through antiques; you can see them in your home each day, safe and sound. No need to worry about people getting into your accounts or the fluctuation of interest rates. Even better, economic factors such as recessions don’t tend to affect the price of antiques as they remain just as rare and valuable to the right person.


An investment you can visually enjoy

With investments like a savings account or a share or bond, what benefit do you gain? Yes, you can get a financial return but that is all. With an antique, work of art or collectable, you can physically get enjoyment from it daily. It is more than just a return of investment. When you get home after a long day and your favourite antique is waiting there to lift your spirits, then surely that is really the best investment you could’ve made.


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