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anne jones, troika cornwall - studio art pottery cylinder vase, blue circles

Troika Vase Anne Jones for Troika - cylindrical form vase decorated with a continuous band of circles upon a blue ground. Measures approximately 2...

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marilyn pascoe, troika cornwall - large studio pottery cylinder chimney vase

Troika Vase Marilyn Pascoe for Troika - tall cylindrical form vase with geometric design upon a brown ground. Measures approximately 37cm high and...

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neil ions studio art pottery abstract/graffiti design ribbed vase

Original price £250.00 - Original price £250.00
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£250.00 - £250.00
Current price £250.00

Neil Ions Vase Neil Ions (b.1949), earthenware vase of oval form with ribbed sides, decorated with a hand on a graduated green blue and grey ground...

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sutton taylor - large studio art pottery conical blue/green lustre bowl, signed

Sutton Taylor Conical Bowl Sutton Taylor (British, b.1943), earthenware bowl of conical form with a streaked drip pool lustre finish in dark and l...

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sutton taylor (british, b.1943) studio pottery orange lustre glazed conical bowl

Sutton Taylor Bowl Sutton Taylor (b.1943), earthenware bowl of conical form with mottled orange/amber lustre glaze and bronze banded rim and foot....

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