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What To Do With An Antique You’ve Found

What To Do With An Antique You’ve Found

So you have just found what you think to be an antique? It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to identifying your item, and you may be wondering what to do next. PM Antiques is an antiques store online, and we can help you find out more and figure out the best course of action. If you end up wishing to sell your item, our dealer Phil would be more than happy to help! But first, here is some advice for what to do with the antique you may have just found;


Become More Familiar With Your Antique


First things first, it will be easier to know what to do with the antique you have just found if you find out more about it.  A good place to start is by identifying what the make of the item is, and what the general value of this is. To do this, take a look at the base of the antique and try to locate the manufacturer’s mark. This mark will allow you to discover the name of the maker, which you can then use to find out more information, such as the age and worth of the antique. 

Once you have the basic information on the item, you can then start a broader search to find out how many items like yours are in circulation. Finding out what others are selling this antique for will help you identify a price bracket for the item. A price range will help you to decide what you wish to sell the antique for (if you wish to sell it) and will allow you insight into the quality and rarity of the antique.


If You Want To Sell, Think About Where


There are many different methods of selling you can choose from. Selling online is easy nowadays, you have unlimited access to a wider audience of people around the world. Choose the site you wish to sell on carefully, some of them may have fees that can quickly reduce your profit.


If you aren’t comfortable selling online, you can always sell your antique to a dealer or retailer for their antique store online or in person. This will allow you more security as you know the payment will be fair and delivered with no issues, and the retailer will also be able to offer advice. We sell items via our antique store online, so if you are interested in selling an item without paying house fees or commission, get in touch with us at PM Antiques.  

Get In Contact – Our Antiques Store Online


If you think you may have an antique or collectable give us a call and send some images of the item. Take a look at our antiques store online, and browse our product pages to find more antiques and collectables. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can subscribe to our Item Alert feature for future product notifications, or use our Find For You service and we will search on your behalf. Alternatively, feel free to contact us on 01483 9300171 or if you have any questions or enquiries.

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