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What’s Classed As An Antique?

What’s Classed As An Antique?

At PM Antiques, we are passionate about all sorts of antiques and collectables, from art to toys, to fine china and ceramics. We want to change people’s perspective on what is considered an antique. Take a look at some things you may not have considered to be an antique here:


Not Just Very Old! 

It is a common misconception of the public to assume that whenever the word “antique” comes into play, that it refers to something ancient, falling apart or tattered! This is far from the case in some instances. With the 21st century public now more interested in the 1980s than the 1800s, the term “antique” has evolved and adapted. When previously an antique had to be over 80 years old to be considered antique, it can now be as little as 20-40 years old. We have found that many aren’t looking for the older items, but something of their own past that holds meaning. For example, we stock various posters and film memorabilia from the 80s and have found this area to be extremely popular. 


Surprising Pieces

We can bet that you never considered a classic car to be an antique. But it most definitely is. How about a garden statue? A fountain pen? Sugar bowls? All of these are all antiques that we have in our stock and have sold in the past. The idea of an antique is no longer the same as it was 30 years ago, but the pieces themselves are still popular today. It has become a trend in many cases to have an antique as a centrepiece in your home for a wow factor or a hidden gem just for you and your family to treasure. An antique doesn’t have to be glamorous or extravagantly priced. It just needs to not be of the current era, and be slightly rare, or have significant personal meaning to some.  


Not Everything Has To Be Extremely Valuable!

If we asked you to picture an antique, what was it? A piece of really old jewellery? A 1st edition book? It’s highly likely that you pictured something valuable. Most likely in the thousands of pounds. Though in some cases this is true, it is not all encompassing. Many items are in fact below the price of £50. It is not always the price that determines a piece as an antique. It can be either personal value, age, price or rarity. 


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