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What Makes A Vintage Toy So Collectable?

What Makes A Vintage Toy So Collectable?

While vintage toys and models are prized for their miniature accuracy, they are of course so much more than that. From Corgi diecasts and Star Wars merchandise, to Britains figures and walking Robots, these antiques and collectibles are the friends of our youth. They played with us when no-one else could, made us feel heroic and defended us from evil, and they set our young minds in motion to explore the universe from the safety of our own room.


Antiques and collectibles – What we look for


Many vintage toys are more than a little quirky. Many are handmade, meaning each one is unique, instead of the mass-produced toys of today’s society. Character is priceless and cannot be easily replicated. 


Rarity Value 

Many vintage toys aren’t carbon copies. Because of this, in some cases, there are very few of the kind left in the world. This can drastically hike up the price, as demand for the toy is high, but the supply is nearly non existent. 



Many vintage toys are bought because they remind the person of a moment in their life that they treasure. It is this personal tie to the toy that means prices can skyrocket. 

People can scour tirelessly for a particular item. This means that when one is uncovered, they jump at the chance to buy it, often spending a considerable amount. 


Mint Condition

Toys that are in mint condition are incredibly sought after by collectors as they are not damaged or restored. They are usually accompanied by their original boxes too. Such examples can often be sold for substantial amounts of money. 


Contact Us – Antiques and Collectibles

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