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Valuable Antiquities You May Have Lying Around At Home

Valuable Antiquities You May Have Lying Around At Home

In today’s age, anything can be valuable, coins, books, comics, furniture and art to name a few. Random household items that you may not even know you had could potentially be worth hundreds even thousands. So why not check if you have any valuable antiques and collectables gathering dust somewhere in your home? 



Comics dating back to the 30s and 40s are goldmines in the collectable world. With DC and Marvel only just starting up, some of their rare original comics are now selling for millions. Marvel Comics No.1 was issued in 1939, with only 26 original copies the comic now sells for a staggering £1,000,000. Another extremely rare comic contains the first showing of Superman, with its release back in 1938 selling for 10 cents is now the world’s most valuable comic in good condition. With a prime example of one selling for £2,800,000 at auction, it may not be a waste of time checking to see if you have one!


Coins & Notes

silver proof coin set

That rare penny you got and kept may be worth a small fortune, although rare coins such as the Australian 1930s penny are now worth more than their weight in gold. Even though older coins are much rarer and harder to come by, some modern coins produced within your lifetime are still extremely valuable. The British 50p is known for its limited-edition designs, with some releases worth up to £700! The Kew Gardens 50p remains at the top of the chart being worth up to £707. Not bad for selling a 50p for a x 1,414 return! Watch out for the 2012 London Olympic 50p’s too, with each design focused on a sport, some can sell for a hefty profit.



Who doesn’t have books in their house? While the majority of people won’t have an original copy of Alice In Wonderland worth 2 million dollars, there are a wide variety of old rare books that collectors will pay highly for. Books that you may have sitting on the shelf could be worth thousands. Watch out for first editions and signed copies – the value could skyrocket. The complete set of Harry Potter deluxe edition books sells for £4,000+. Simply Googling rare books or calling an Antique retailer like ourselves here at PM Antiques and Collectibles could pay for your next holiday!



With card collections dating back to the early 1900s, certain rare cards could gain you millions in return. The Wagner, Pittsburg baseball card sold at auction for 3.2 million dollars in 2016. It is now regarded as the rarest and most valuable card on the planet. Even though the ‘jackpot’ cards are over 100 years old now, it doesn’t mean more recent cards aren’t extremely valuable. The 1999 shiny Charizard Pokemon card sells for £169,000. Being a first edition holographic greatly improves its value. Imagine selling a Pokemon card for the same price as a Ferrari.



lego set

Quick, check the attic and raid your parent’s house for your old toys. The playthings from the past could now reward you with a small fortune! The 1978 Star Wars action figure Luke Skywalker now sells for over £20,000. What’s the harm in checking to see if you have one? Another highly sought after collectable is the original monopoly board. The 1933 board game sold for a whopping £130,000 in 2011. LEGO has been around for a long time, even though most kids ripped open the box as soon as they got the LEGO set, rare sets such as the train edition sells anywhere between 1-5 thousand dollars.


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