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Unwanted Goods Can Be Someone Else’s Treasure

Unwanted Goods Can Be Someone Else’s Treasure

Everyone loves a good clear out, and with all this extra time at home it’s the perfect opportunity to have a rummage for some hidden treasures! If you do stumble across any potential antiques for sale, it’s now easier than ever to receive a free quotation from PM Antiques. By filling out our online contact form, emailing us or messaging us on Facebook, we can give you a fast and free no obligation quote. 


Clutter to Antique

So you’ve begun to declutter, and you’ve found numerous ‘things’ that seem too good to throw away. These are the types of items that may be of great intrigue to antique collectors! Whether it’s your old Action-man, or a collection of national dress dolls you collected as a child, these unwanted goods are likely to be someone else’s treasure. Now there are some things to remember; not everything can be classed as an antique. And, although you can’t really put an age minimum on items, it’s probably safe to say that last year’s Gaga vinyl won’t make the cut! Having said this It’s important to not rule things out, and if you think you may have something that should be in an ‘antiques for sale’ shop then there’s no harm getting a free quote.


Antique Sustainability

It’s incredibly easy to end up throwing away a lot of old goods you come across in your home, but investing a little more time and effort to have your items valued as antiques could not only earn you some money, but also help the environment! For second hand clutter-nutters antiques for sale are exactly what they’re looking for, especially if they’re aiming to be sustainable. You know the old saying ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’? Well the same applies for antiques; not only are you helping to reduce new buys, but you’re also contributing to the reuse of items. Your unwanted goods are an eco-warrior’s best finds! 


Diamonds in the Rough?

A final point to make is that no one knows the extent to which their unwanted goods are treasure; Antiques Roadshow is testament to that! That vase your mother in law gave you which you’ve hated with a passion since the 70s could be just the thing a young couple decorating their retro-inspired home are looking for. And you’ll never know unless you start your antiques journey!


Antiques For Sale – Contact Us 

Looking for art, collectables and antiques for sale in Surrey? Take a look at the Stock page on our website for more information. Alternatively, feel free to contact us on 01932 640113 or if you have any questions or enquiries.


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