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PM Antiques & Collectables – Premier Retailer in Chertsey

PM Antiques & Collectables – Premier Retailer in Chertsey

PM Antiques & Collectables (est. 2015) are a modern and innovative retailer based in Chertsey that offers a unique and bespoke way of buying and selling antiques. Specialising in a wide array of eclectic items and collectables, including Contemporary Art, Entertainment & Memorabilia, Film Posters, Vintage Toys, Decorative Ceramics, Watches, Automobilia and much more. 

Read our Q&A with founder Phil Mires. 


Why Antiques?

Antiques are great investments for those who want to put money aside for the long-term. Though they might not be the most conventional way of making money, if you know what you’re looking for, antiques can provide potentially impressive returns – better than the current bank interest rates that’s for sure! The good news is that you don’t even need to be an expert to enjoy antiques shopping.

The antiques trade is eco-friendly too – investing in the future by recycling the past. Not only can antiques provide excellent value for money, they also preserve our heritage for future generations by reducing landfill, carbon emissions and the intake of new goods from abroad. In short, antiques are a great way to reuse and recycle the amazing pieces of our history that is sometimes forgotten about by the everyday society we live in. They’re a great way to keep the past alive and honour it. 

At PM Antiques & Collectables, we are proud members of Surrey Hills Enterprises, a growing community supporting the Surrey Hills and surrounding area. 


So what are the current trends?

We’re currently experiencing a spike in sales across a number of our departments including contemporary art, memorabilia and decorative interiors. There’s no easy way to determine what people want in current times as it’s ever changing. With the emergence of Social Media, trends can change daily as influential members of society put new ideas into our heads. 


Predicted future sellers?

We’re very much amidst the age of social media and interactive technology. For instance, the video gaming industry has grown rapidly and it is reshaping the way in which we interact with the world. Retro arcade machines and games consoles from the 80’s (such as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Sega Mega Drive) are now extremely collectable. It’ll only be a matter of time before video games, consoles and related media from the 90’s or later follow suit.


How is the industry changing?

PM Antiques are ever changing in the way we sell. We understand that the times for popping into the local antiques stop are dwindling. In this day and age, everything is online at the tip of your fingers. It’s so easy to type “antiques” into Google and get over a billion results. This has transformed the way we can sell. It creates a million possibilities, we have people from all over the world investigating our stock. The internet and social media has allowed us to adapt well to the changes. Our audience has quadrupled, even the younger generations are getting involved to appreciate items of our past. 


What advice would you give a prospective collector?

It may seem a little daunting to enter the world of antiques with no inside information. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Start off by engaging in an area of your interest – find the right style or look for you. You don’t necessarily need to spend big to begin collecting. Even if your budget is relatively small, there are many lower value items out there that will progressively increase in value. Perhaps attend a local car boot sale or antiques fair – you might just uncover a hidden treasure!


Contact Us

Looking to buy antiques and collectables in Chertsey and the surrounding area? Take a look at our product pages for more information and to browse our current stock. Feel free to contact us on 01932 640113 or if you have any questions or enquiries. 

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