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PM Antiques & Collectables – Find The Best Contemporary Art In Chertsey

PM Antiques & Collectables – Find The Best Contemporary Art In Chertsey

Contemporary art is a term used to refer to art of the present day and relatively recent past, produced in the second half of the 20th century or in the 21st century. Contemporary art became part of popular culture from the 1990s and it has only grown from there. We know how popular this style is as we receive many enquiries around it. We pride ourselves on our extensive collection of antiques and collectibles so you can find the best contemporary art.


Simon Kenny, ‘Legends of the Fall’

Simon Kenny is an Irish born artist whose multi award winning work is celebrated both nationally and internationally. His style is best described as ‘lyrical abstraction’, as he created vibrant, excessive paintings such as this one. He uses an astonishing colour palette and he creates his work so it drips down the painting. ‘Legends of the Fall’ is large glazed oil on a frame canva, and is signed on the lower right. 

Price: £2,000


John Armstrong, ‘A Walk at Night’

John Armstrong (1893-1973) was a British artist renowned for his surrealist paintings, though he was also a muralist who designed for film and theatre productions. ‘A Walk at Night’ is an oil on paper, signed and dated ‘58’ by the artist. 

Price: £3,000



Govinder Nazran, ‘Two Cats’

Govinder Nazran (1964-2008) was a British artist based in Bradford. He focused mainly on paintings of mammals, like cats or dogs in this painting here, but also of horses, people and elephants. ‘Two Cats’ is an original oil on canvas painting that is signed in the lower right.

Price: £2,000


When you’re searching for a new piece, we know how incredibly satisfying it is when you find the right item. That’s why we scour the antiques trade to find the very best in Contemporary Art. We offer highly sought after, unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s easy to find the piece you want because the search has already been done for you and you can shop our curated collection online. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can use our Find For You service and we’ll search on your behalf.


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