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PM Antiques and Collectables: What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors

PM Antiques and Collectables: What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors

As an expert antiques dealer based in Chertsey, we have seen all sorts of antiques. We have a modern emphasis on selling antiques, with our products readily available online rather than based in a store. We are aiming to bring the antiques industry into the 21st century technology world. But how do we differ from other antique stores? Take a look at our products now.


Passing On A Passion For Antiques

The Founder Phil was enthused by antiques from a young age and surrounded himself with them at auctions. His passion grew over time and led to the creation of PM Antiques.  We are focused on providing our customers with a unique and simple buying and selling experience. We want to show that some items may not be widely considered an antique, but can bring joy to its owner and have an impact in their home. 


Not An Auction House 

Often when you find an item that could be valuable, you take it to an auction house. We wanted to provide you with an alternative to this method. Unlike an auction house, we take the piece off your hands immediately and you get an immediate price for it. No waiting for it to be sold, and better yet, no commission, the money is all yours. 


No Hidden Fees 

We want to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality service at every turn, from finding their ideal piece with our Find For You service, to the final price. We are open and honest from the beginning and unlike an auction house, there’s no added fees or advertising costs. 


A Bit Of Everything

The word ‘antique’ has taken on the connotation of being something old and tatty. At PM Antiques, we are showing that this is a misconception. An antique can be anything from a pen to letters and coins. Whatever your collection or interest, we stock a piece for everyone. Our latest venture even includes classic cars! So whether you’re looking for artwork, clocks, jewellery or toys, have a look at our current stock and keep in touch with us for more updates on new additions. 


Contact Us – Antiques and Collectables

Looking to buy art, antiques and collectables? Take a look at our product pages and view our range of antiques and collectables for sale. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can subscribe to our Item Alert feature for future product notifications, or use our Find For You service and we’ll search on your behalf. Alternatively, feel free to contact us on 01932 640113 or if you have any questions or enquiries.


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