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Our Latest Range Of Antiques And Collectables – This Week

Our Latest Range Of Antiques And Collectables – This Week

Introducing PM Antiques and Collectables. We scour the antique trade daily, obtaining highly sought-after items that are unique and rare. Our products range from rare toys to classic cars. Our range of antiques for sale are available to view and purchase online, here are some of our top picks among our vast stock.


Danielle O'Connor Akiyama print

Danielle O’Connor Akiyama – ‘The Thing About Love’

Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, a British 20th century artist has created this beautiful oriental inspired piece, The Thing About Love. With only 195 prints released this piece is certainly hard to come by. This piece features an icy valley with an array of white and pink blossom overhanging. Each printed canvas is signed and numbered, this piece being number 23. Coming with a frame, this is the perfect gift or canvas to add to your collection. The dimensions of this piece with the frame are 72cm x 62cm. Currently for sale at £250.


Kenner Power Droid figure

Vintage Star Wars Collectables – Return Of The Jedi Power Droid

The worldwide-known franchise, Star Wars has its fair share of original rare collectables from its early days of screening. This Star Wars Return Of The Jedi (1983) power droid is in its original packaging from 1983, in good condition with minor damage to the card. Manufactured by Kenner this figurine would be a good addition to any avid collector. Currently for sale at £500.


Antonio Villalba painting

Antonio Villalba – ‘Lilypads V’

Antonio Villalba, Spanish Artist created this wonderful centrepiece, perfect for any room. Born in 1968, Villalba was renowned for his oil on canvas creations. This piece features three colours of lily pads, yellow red and white that contrast against the glassy water. Villalba also creates realistic water reflections to amplify the lily’s colours. This painting has been signed in the lower-left corner and comes with a frame measuring 57cm x 57cm. Currently for sale at £500.


Lladro – ‘A True Friend’

Lladro A True Friend

This large Lladro figure entitled A True Friend depicts a horse’s head being cradled by a woman. This matte finished figure has been decorated with enamels and soft pastel shades. Sculpted by Alfredo Llorens, issued in 2013 as a limited edition piece of 3000, this being number 615. Measuring 39cm x 50cm with the base signed by the sculptor and designer, Llorens. Currently for sale at £1,000. 


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