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Interior Design: Decorating Your Home With Antiques

Interior Design: Decorating Your Home With Antiques

Interior design is a constantly evolving art form. It’s also a very opinionated subject. Though one person might love a particular design, another person might loathe it. In recent times, the role of interior design has evolved, it has begun to push the boundaries of what we think is cutting edge engineering or just complete madness. No longer are you limited to just the local auction house or antiques centre for buying antique and vintage interiors, when instead you can purchase online. 


Contemporary Vs Antique

Interior design is ever-changing, the way to make it right for you is to consider how contemporary or antique you want it to look. This proportion needs to be perfectly balanced so that you’re enlightened each time you walk around your home. Do you want an antique to be the centrepiece, or do you want several dotted around? Try to consider rooms separately, they don’t all have to have the same appearance and feel. You can have a mix of contemporary and antique; there are no rules. So experiment and find what you like, find inspiration online and explore what might suit your home. 


Colour Schemes 

A big factor of making a room interesting is the colour scheme, if it’s not quite right, the room ends up looking rather drab. Try to match shades of the same or similar colours. Using a lighter, brighter colour can make the room seem bigger, whereas a darker colour can make a room smaller and colder. If you’re using wallpaper, try this on just one wall to make it a feature. Why not select paint that corresponds to the antique you wish to showcase in that room. Ensure that you purchase the antique before the paint to make sure the colours coordinate. 


Draw The Eye

Rooms can often seem dull if they don’t have a central feature. For instance, hanging just one painting at the end of a corridor will make the space more interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Having several decorative features to look at creates a room rich with colour and history. Try pairing antiques together to have a greater impact. 


Maximise The Space 

Do you live in a small property with limited living space? – Look up and be innovative. Buy an antique light fitting or a feature that hangs from the ceiling. Make the most of room’s existing appearance. If you have a mantelpiece, try placing an antique bracket clock or oil painting above it to focus attention to your intended style. Perhaps replace your modern reproduction mirror with an antique counterpart. 


Buy Antiques Online 

Not finding what you’re looking for in your local store? Look online instead. It’s easy to do and you’re massively increasing your options. 


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