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How The Perception Of An ‘Antique’ Has Evolved

How The Perception Of An ‘Antique’ Has Evolved

We can date the word antique right back to the 1530s. Although the description may not have changed much since then, has the idea changed? Antique items used to be from 100s of years ago, a one off, a unique item. Now it seems we don’t have to go back too far to find what we would class as antiques. With a host of unique and collectable antiques for sale from a variety of years, and plenty of experience in the artefact world, our team delves into the past and present of how the idea of an antique has changed.

In The Past

Before the 1850s, the antiques for sale were handcrafted. Each craftsman had a unique style, which then would have been hard to duplicate. We see as time goes on, especially after the 1850s, machines began to take over. This allowed stunning designs to be made in a quicker, more efficient way. Artists and craftsmen could still add their touch to the products, but machinery had taken antiques and the idea of what could become an antique into a whole new world.

Today’s Society

Today we live in a disposable and somewhat instantaneous society. Sadly we’re often quick to throw something out and don’t savour the things we once saved up for and dreamt of. Does this mean the idea of an antique has changed for some? Does an item have to be around for hundreds of years to be an antique, or do items that are 30, 40 and 50 years old now find themselves in that category too? Whether from 30 years ago or 300 years ago, each has a story. Our team loves finding a range of artifacts from different decades and centuries.

The Ever-Changing World Of Antiques

With technology and machinery evolving day by day, the world of antiques and the idea of antiques, will be forever expanding it’s stock and meaning. What’s new now will be a collectable in the not so distant future. With every new artist and designer, we welcome a host of stunning new pieces of work that can become as rare as the pieces on our site.

Contact Us – Antiques for Sale

Whether you’re looking for nostalgic collectables from the past few decades, or antiques that take you back to another time altogether, here at PM Antiques we have a variety of antiques for sale. Browse our stock pages, or contact us at 01932 640113 so we can help you find the ideal piece. You can also email us at, or set up an Item Alert for future product notifications.

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