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Collecting Film Memorabilia: Our Top 5 Items

Collecting Film Memorabilia: Our Top 5 Items

If collecting is about finding objects that speak to us on a personal level, then for many our strongest memories are tied to the celebrities and popular entertainment of the past. From literary masterpieces, unforgettable albums, cult movies and iconic television shows, it is hardly surprising that vintage entertainment in all its forms remains one of the most vibrant collectable fields around. 

It is a chance to light-heartedly reassess our youth and revel in the classics. It is a chance to own the very costumes of characters that changed our way of thinking, and it is a chance to keep alive the way we felt the first time this entertainment was offered up to us – no matter how goofy or outdated it all may appear now!

These are our Top 5 film collectables from our current range:


Roz Wilson, Mini Cooper S from The Italian Job, acrylic on canvas, signed

This classic film has been immortalised by the artist Roz Wilson, keeping the action and anticipation of the scene alive in this painting. A former graphic and clothes designer who now resides in the Surrey hills, classic cars are Wilson’s subject of choice. Her rendering of a fire-engine red classic Mini looks  almost as good as the real thing! For any car or film enthusiast this is the ideal piece. A great value original work. 

Price: £1000


Marvel Superheroes, The Invincible Iron Man #47, limited edition canvas

Any Marvel enthusiast will be thrilled with a piece like this. Published by Washington Green Fine Art and signed by Stan Lee (1922-2018). The Marvel world is ever expanding with the new films, but a classic such as Iron Man is greatly valuable to some. Though pieces like this are more niche, in price they can rival those of broader popularity. 

Price: £800


Iconic Replicas 1:1 full studio scale replica Gerry Anderson’s Virgil Tracy

This life size replica prop is another highly collectable piece of film memorabilia. Prices can vary depending on condition and whether the original box and certificate are present. This complete example is in exceptionally good order. To any avid watcher of Thunderbirds this replica Virgil is a true catch!

Price: £400


James Bond: A View To A Kill (1985), British Quad film poster, style B

Vintage movie posters typically form the backbone of our film memorabilia department being bought as pieces of art in their own right, and attracting widespread appeal from not only poster collectors, but also film fanatics, art connoisseurs and interior designers. Currently in high demand are posters from the James Bond franchise. This 1985 British quad from the film starring Roger Moore is a timeless classic. Even if you don’t have a collection, this will convince you to start one! 

Price: £200


Star Wars (1977) officially licensed crew cap

Issued only to production crew, this cap from the first of the Star Wars trilogy is an exceptionally rare piece of film memorabilia. In seemingly unworn condition, the cap bears its original Bear Bells Fashion label and tag printed ‘Star Wars Factors ETC inc. Bear Del U.S.A © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’. It was previously owned by a script and continuity department staffer on films including the Star Wars, the Indiana Jones and the James Bond franchises. 

Price: £600


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