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Automotive Artworks Perfect For Petrol Heads

Automotive Artworks Perfect For Petrol Heads

In many ways cars themselves can be considered art, an automobile is a sculpture in motion. At one point the car was a sketch on a piece of paper until all the materials and labour came to turn the drawing into reality. Classic cars in the UK are an inspiration to artists creating highly detailed and impressive art pieces that can even sell for millions.


Automotive art and the cars themselves have come a long way. Original automotive art truly began in 1910 with drawings of classic cars as back then only the wealthy could afford to buy them. In 1910 there were only 23,000 cars in the entire country. Through the decades since, visual artists and art collectors have proved a strong interest in cars. The pleasing lines and curvatures of the art, not also the machines have attracted many into the automotive art industry that is rapidly growing. Now classic cars for sale in the UK are highly sought after and valuable.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Word

Art takes all shapes, like cars. Like other art genres, many changes in styles have occurred, ever since people started seeing the beauty and potential that lay beyond the advanced mechanics within them. Many automotive enthusiasts would agree that classic cars in the UK inspired current manufacturers, with their designs.

Automotive Art Pieces

Here at PM Antiques, we understand classic car art in the UK and its future potential as cars progress but the classics remain timeless. Car art can be valued depending on the artist, brand and quality. In stock at the moment, we currently hold a Kris Hardy signed oil painting of a Ferrari Testarossa, one of the most famous Ferrari’s from the 80s. This beautiful piece can be found here, its value one day may be 10x the current value.

Another brand that has done astonishingly well within the art industry is MINI. An original classic car in the UK with its signature frog eye headlights, MINI Cooper is a car that will pass on through history as a classic. We currently have an exceptional piece signed by Roz Wilson illustrated using acrylic paint on a canvas. Simply just looking at the picture makes you truly appreciate the talent required to produce such a painting, its reflections and flow mesmerise viewers due to its photorealistic look. Take a look for yourself here, you won’t be let down.

Another jaw-dropping piece, once again painted and signed by Roz Wilson, is the Mark 1 MGA 1500 from 1959. Roz Wilson set an extremely high standard for automotive art, his ability to capture light reflections on the paint and metal parts of the car make you question if it’s a photograph. Sadly, MG the production company folded in the 1980s due to tough competition with brands such as Mercedes and Jaguar. However, this could add to the value of the art piece in years to come as the company no longer produces the vehicles. Take a look here, words do not do it justice.

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