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Add Character and Style To Your Home With Antiques and Collectables

Add Character and Style To Your Home With Antiques and Collectables

Showing our personality and style is key to making a house a home, and there’s no better way of showing that than with antiques and collectables. Here at PM Antiques, we have stunning collectables and antiques for sale ranging from fine art, to memorabilia, to ceramics; so you’re sure to find something you love, and that adds character to your home.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen an influx of people using the time to redecorate their homes. Recently, we’ve see people adding a bit more personality to their rooms with some fantastic, storytelling pieces. Dressing your home with unique antiques means it stands out from the rest. Any item, no matter how small, shows creative flair. Our team wanted to share how you can do the same and transform your everyday living space into something even more exciting.


Wall Art

When walking into a room, our eyes are drawn to large pieces, such as incredible artwork hanging above a mantelpiece or console table. Be it fine or contemporary, the art found in a home tells a story of the owners and their style. Decorators looking for pieces which compliment modern interior trends are key buyers. Although, frequently it is a younger audience, who would not look twice at an 18th or 19th century artwork, that is leading the way. What better way is there to enhance the appearance of a room than a piece of wall art.


Vintage Movie Posters

Vintage movie posters are purchased as works of art in their own right. They attract widespread appeal from not only poster collectors, but also film fanatics, art connoisseurs and interior designers. Currently in high demand are posters from the Star Wars and James Bond franchises, as well as Hammer Horror productions. 



Wooden furniture with inlay work and carvings instantly adds character to a room, an example is this stunning Victorian Rosewood Table (pictured below). Look for statement pieces such as this one to build your room around, and as your style changes, they can be dressed accordingly.


Silver and Metalware

If you’re looking for a talking point at a dinner party, this is it. Trays, bowls, and silverware are great accessories for a kitchen or dining room. Place them as centerpieces on the dining table or kitchen island and be sure to shine them before the guests arrive!



Sometimes it’s the small things that bring a room together and the finer details that show our character. In the antiques and collectables world, items such as books, pens and trinkets are just as important to a room as sculptures and large art pieces. Find the pieces that fit within your home, as if they had always been there!


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Are you looking to add character and style to your home with unique pieces? Here at PM Antiques, we have a range of collectables and antiques for sale, and you’re sure to find something perfect for you. If you have any questions, we would love to help. Call us on 01932 640113 or email us at


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