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4 Things You Didn't Know About L.S. Lowry

4 Things You Didn't Know About L.S. Lowry

Laurence Stephen Lowry (British, 1887-1976) is a titan of the Modern British art market. He is best known for his industrial landscapes and sombre portraits and the human figures referred to as “matchstick men” are his calling card. “Lowry’s work really needs no introduction – he is perhaps the best-known British artist of the 20th century and his pictures are immediately recognisable” said Phil Mires, founder of PM Antiques & Collectables, in an earlier blog.

Lowry wasn’t a particularly open person and his personal life was somewhat masked by his artistic creations. To learn a bit more about the man behind the paintings, here are 4 things you probably didn’t about Laurence Stephen Lowry.


The Boy Before The Artist

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Lowry didn’t have the ideal childhood. He wasn’t well received at birth by his mother who was desperate for a girl. His mother was a sickly woman that gave up teaching due to mental health. In later life Lowry would become her carer. He wasn’t academically talented and found his artistic capability early, however this was not encouraged. His artistic career didn’t progress until 1905 when he secured a place at Manchester School of Art.


The War Artist

During the second world war, Lowry was a volunteer firefighter and in 1943, he was commissioned by the government to be a war artist. His job was to document in his paintings, the scenes that the war created.

Lowry created paintings of the blitz during his time in London, depicting how the devastation affected those there. These paintings and drawings are particularly powerful, such as those of people sheltering in the underground or fighting fires after bombs have hit; but these are dwarfed by his more famous paintings.


Later Life

In 1957, Lowry became a mentor to a 13 year old girl who was an aspiring artist at the time. Their friendship lasted until Lowry died in 1976. Lowry was known for being a cynical person and was often a trickster. He was known also for being quite eccentric for instance having 5 clocks that were all set to different times. 


The “Marionette Works”

These particular works were never published by Lowry himself. They were only found after his death and showed a side to him that hadn’t been previously seen in his creations. This collection takes the “Ann” figure from his previous work and depicts her in erotic scenes. 


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