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3 Ways to Accent Your Home With Antiques & Collectables

3 Ways to Accent Your Home With Antiques & Collectables

Antiques and collectables can come in all shapes and sizes. People often associate the term “antique” with dusty old rugs or 19th century coins. Though they are right in part, there is so much more out there in the world of antiques and collectables than you think. Not sure how to incorporate antiques and collectables into your home? From blown glass, chandeliers, books, clocks; the options are limitless. So spice up your home a bit with a blast from the past or two. 


Look up

Never considered adding antiques to your home? Maybe you don’t think you have the space? Think again, because there’s always enough space. What about your top shelves or your lighting? Ever considered changing your mantelpiece or the coving? There are always ways to liven up your home by incorporating a different style or colour. 


Use the space

Do you have an odd shaped room? Don’t let this hold you back. Why not try embracing it with posters or patterns that are a throwback for you? Use pieces that are all shapes and sizes to change the shape of a room. A long bookcase can enhance the height and width of a room, and adding darker colours or materials like velvet can make a room more cosy and compact.


Brighten your home 

Antiques are often seen as dull and boring. But they can provide light and colour to any room. Whether it’s through the glint of a shiny metal or a bright painting. A splash of colour can transform a room into a place where you always want to be. It enhances the room with history in a way that isn’t overbearing. Whatever type of antique you like, there’s something out there for you. You can even make something out of antiques, try a poster wall or a painting collage, the only limit is your imagination. A gallery wall would look great anywhere in your home, but to really make an impression why try the hallway, staircase or living room? Why not break the boundaries of what is the “norm”? It always starts with one antique, and before you know it… you’ve lost count. 


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