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3 Contemporary Artists You Should Look Into

3 Contemporary Artists You Should Look Into

Contemporary art refers to the art of today and the relatively recent past. For too many years people believed that contemporary art should be something that remained in a museum and shouldn’t be understood. Thankfully that world has now changed, and today more people than ever are embracing the vibrancy and energy of contemporary and modern art within their own homes. Such pieces also work well alongside the softer tones of more traditional antiques offering a refreshing burst of colour and confidence. At PM Antiques & Collectables we pride ourselves on our curated collection of antiques and collectibles so you can find the best quality contemporary and fine art in Surrey and beyond. Here’s 3 contemporary artists that should be on your radar.


David Hockney

David Hockney (British, b.1937) is widely considered as one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century. His beautiful artwork consists of portraits of his friends or his dogs, stage designs, still lifes and landscapes. In 2018, Hockney’s pop art painting ‘Portrait of an artist (Pool with Two Figures)’ sold for $90.3 million, breaking the record at the time for the most expensive painting by a living artist to be sold at an auction. At PM Antiques & Collectables, we are proud to have successfully sourced and sold some of his exceptional artwork. 


Govinder Nazran

Govinder Nazran (British, 1964 – 2008) was a contemporary artist based in Bradford. His work mainly consisted of paintings of mammals such as cats, dogs, horses, people or elephants. He wrote that many of his paintings are about ‘good’, ‘evil’, ‘malevolence’ or ‘innocence’. It is open to interpretation of the beholder to decide what they see in his work. We currently stock one of his original oil paintings, ‘Two Cats’, priced at £2000.


Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown (British, b.1969) is a London-born contemporary artist. Her work has often been compared to the likes of Willem de Kooning and Francisco de Goya. However, she has a distinct female point of view that sets her apart. Furthermore, amplifying the theme of abstract expressionism, some of Brown’s work can be viewed as violent, sensual or disturbing.


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