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Silver, Metalware & Coins

Including silver, silver plate, bronzes, Tudric pewter, metalware, objects of virtu, medallions, medals, coins and proof sets.

Hammered, forged, rolled, and moulded, the art of metalware is all about the sweat of creation. In the hands of masters like Archibald Knox, even lowly metals such as pewter were raised from being the poor man’s silver to the ultimate expression of tradition and heritage. In the same way humble minted coins, circulated for thousands of years as low-profile currency, are now experiencing a revival among collectors who revel in their pocket-sized histories.

However you like your objects, from shining sterling silver to soft patinated copper and bronze, great metalware is about appreciating the history and contrast of it all. It is about visually soft and fragile forms created from the strongest of materials, tonal contrasts that melt into one another, and a degree of wear and patina only a life well-lived can provide.

Recent Highlights:


Tiffany & Co. – 925 sterling silver magnifying glass, boxed.

Set of Six Emile Monier Cast Bronze African Tribe Medals Sold for £400

Emile Monier – set of six cast bronze tribal cameo medals.


Pieter van Abeele – commemorative silver medal for the embarkation of King Charles II at Scheveningen.

Royal Mint gold

Royal Mint limited edition Elizabeth II Britannia Portrait Collection 2006 22ct gold proof set.

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