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Furniture, Clocks & Rugs

Including antique English furniture, continental furniture, 20th century design, decorative furnishings, architectural salvage, garden statuary, clocks, barometers, telescopes and scientific instruments, musical boxes, boxes and tea caddies, carpets, rugs and textiles.

It is hardly surprising that to help us achieve the inviting uncluttered homes we all desire, we have chosen to re-embrace the modernist simplicity which characterised the middle of the 20th century. Through confident lines and a commitment to good form, these objects remain as relevant, stylish, and useful today as the day they were first made.

And there is good reason why furniture, clocks, and rugs by the leading designers of the past have risen to the status of iconic favourites. These were not just functional items churned out to serve a purely practical purpose, but sculptures whose goal was to help make our lives as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Recent Highlights:


Hvidt and Molgaard-Nielson for France & Son – ‘Minerva’ square corner table in teak with rattan under tier.


Bolviller of Paris – 19th century brass and glass cased twin-train carriage clock bearing white enamelled dial.

Glenister of Wycombe - HM Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Coronation Stool Sold for £200

Glenister of Wycombe – HM Elizabeth II 1953 Coronation stool with blue velvet upholstered seat.


Mid-20th century red ground Turkish rug decorated with two medallions within a cream serrated border.

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