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Fine Art

Including Old Master & Edwardian paintings, British & European School, etchings & engravings, portrait miniatures, sculpture and tribal art

16th – 20th century

In the days before photographs people relied on art to carry their minds back to loved ones, beautiful vistas, and a clearer understanding of the world. Once photography arrived fine art was forced to move beyond the image capturing instead feelings and ideas which only the artist could do. With it came new techniques tied to impressionism, expressionism, and abstraction; as well as a far better understanding for traditional tribal art.

Amid our hectic modern lives fine art appeals as an antidote, offering a small window of serenity through which to momentarily get lost, breathe and reconnect.

Notable artists from our inventory: L.S. Lowry, Archibald Thorburn, Michael Lyne, Andrew Beer, Edward Neimann, Albert Goodwin, William Walcott, Charles Johnson Payne ‘Snaffles’, Edward John Poynter, Margaret Fisher Prout, Charles Leslie, Ernest Howard Shepard, Sherree Valentine Daines and Raymond Campbell.

Recent Highlights:


William Pye (British, fl. 1881-1908), Dunmore East Harbour, County Waterford, oil on board, signed.

DAN09987_ copy

Archibald Thorburn (British, 1860-1935), songbirds beside a nest, watercolour on paper.


Charles Leslie (British, 1835-1890), Highland landscape with figures, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1873.

Snaffles, Charles Johnson Payne, '-Ubique Meant - Bank Olborn, A Penny all the Way', Limited Edition Print Sold for £500

Charles Johnson Payne ‘Snaffles’ (British, 1884-1967), ‘Ubique Meant’, hand-coloured military print, signed.

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