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Entertainment & Memorabilia

Including Film, Music & Sporting Memorabilia, Vintage Posters, Movie Props and Popular Culture

If collecting is about finding objects that speak to us on a personal level, then for many our strongest memories are tied to the celebrities and popular entertainment of the past. From literary masterpieces, unforgettable albums, cult movies and iconic television shows, it is hardly surprising that vintage entertainment in all its forms remains one of the most vibrant collectable fields around.

It is a chance to light-heartedly reassess our youth and revel in the classics. It is a chance to own the very costumes of characters that changed our way of thinking, and it is a chance to keep alive the way we felt the first time this entertainment was offered up to us – no matter how goofy or outdated it all may appear now!

Film & TV Memorabilia – Including cast/crew memorabilia, props, costumes, photographs, stills, animation work, Disneyana, film related toys and promotional items. Notable productions from our inventory include Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter, Titanic, The Italian Job, Bridget Jones’ Diary and BBC Doctor Who.

Vintage Movie Posters – These typically form the backbone of our film memorabilia section being bought as pieces of art in their own right, and attracting widespread appeal from not only poster collectors, but also film fanatics, art connoisseurs and interior designers. Currently in high demand are posters from the Star Wars and James Bond franchises, as well as Hammer Horror productions. Sizes include British quad, double crown, one sheet, three sheet and front of house; American one sheet, half sheet, three sheet, six sheet, insert, lobby card and window card; Australian one sheet, three sheet and daybill; Italian one panel, two panel, photobusta and locandina; French grande; Polish and German A1 to name but a few.

Music Memorabilia – Including concert posters, awards, stage clothing, photographs, tour memorabilia, musical instruments, audio equipment, vinyl records, and related ephemera. Stars such as George Harrison and The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Oasis and Coldplay always generate a great deal of interest.

Sporting Memorabilia – Including field sport items, match-worn and official replica shirts, programmes, photographs, fan souvenirs, medals, trophies and related ephemera.

Popular Culture – Including comics, retro gaming, cameras, travel/exploration posters, Concorde memorabilia, Royal memorabilia and collectables.

Recent Highlights:

PM-59-1 copy 2

Batman (1966), British Quad film poster, artwork by Tom Chantrell, printed by Stafford & Co. Ltd.


Bruce Springsteen – signed Fender Squier Bullet Strat electric guitar, mounted and framed.


Everton FC – 1969/70 Football League 1st Division Champions plaque awarded to A. D. (Sandy) Brown.

Signed Stan Lee marvel

Marvel Superheroes, The Invincible Iron Man #47, 2013, limited edition boxed canvas signed by Stan Lee.

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