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Including antiquarian & collector’s books, first edition modern literature, comics, manuscripts, maps, works of natural history, stamps, photographs and ephemera.

Collecting printed works on paper requires a constantly inquisitive mind and a love for history. From books which were intended to impart their wisdom through the ages, to humble sports programmes or stamps, each item can tell us so much about the way life was looked at and lived back in the past. And unlike today when printing is a momentary click of a computer button, back then it required designing and type setting as well as an understanding of which inks to use with which weight of paper.

But while the actual art of printing may be a forgotten skill, the words and images those people sought to record onto the paper are thankfully still with us. The paper can fox, bindings can loosen, but the clarity of the message being offered can remain as fresh as the day it was printed.

Notable authors and illustrators from our inventory: Beatrix Potter, Rudyard Kipling, Winston Churchill, C.S. Evans, James Stephens, J.K. Rowling, Rev. W Awdry, John Hassall, Arthur Rackham and John Speed.

Recent Highlights:


James Stephens, ‘Irish Fairy Tales’, Mackmillan & Co Ltd London 1920, signed by illustrator Arthur Rackham.


Sandy Brown – An extensive personal collection of footballing awards and Everton memorabilia and ephemera.

Winston Spencer Churchill, The River War, 2 Volumes, 1899 First Edition Published by Longmans, Green & Co. Sold for £1,000

Winston Spencer Churchill, ‘The River War’, two vol, first edition published by Longmans & Co. 1899.

Beatrix Potter first edition

Beatrix Potter, ‘The Tale of Pigling Bland’, first edition published by Frederick Warne & Co. 1913.

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