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Bears & Dolls

Including antique & collectors’ bears, soft toys, rocking horses, bisque headed dolls, vintage dolls and dolls’ houses & their chattels.

Who doesn’t love a Teddy Bear? Bears and dolls hold a special place in our hearts and somehow the sight of a well-loved example, threadbare and raggedy, is an affirmation that a child felt safe in its presence. But beyond tugging the heart strings some examples have acquired a strong social and financial value too, either because of their maker, their condition, or because very few were ever released.

Collecting in this field is about navigating through the sea of dolls and bears out there to find those examples worthy of sharing a home with you. It is a journey that embraces the finest of continental manufacturers such as Steiff, with the most iconic of brands such as Barbie.

Notable names from our inventory: Steiff, Merrythought, Deans, Chad Valley, Hermann, Kosen, Harrods, Charlie Bears, Gabrielle Designs, Armand Marseille, Barbie and Sasha Dolls.

Recent Highlights:

Gabrielle Designs Paddington Bear

Circa 1972 Gabrielle Designs Paddington Bear wearing original yellow Dunlop boots.

Steiff Moon Ted bear

Steiff limited edition ‘Moon Ted’ large alpaca bear.


Mid 20th century Merrythought ‘Bambi’, original label attached.

Pre-War Steiff Straw Filled Brown Mohair Growling Grizzly Bear on Wheels Sold for £400

Pre-war Steiff straw filled growling grizzly bear on wheels.

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