5 Lifestyle Benefits of Contemporary Art

Quick thinkers, adaptable and with a basic instinct of survival – that’s us, the human race. Economically and socially, life has changed significantly of late, yet we adjust much faster than we think. We have a great skill of discovering new ways to stay motivated and inspire each other.

It is reassuring to collectors and enthusiasts that the art market has remained buoyant in recent months. Much like the antiques and collectables market, there is evidence that art doesn’t follow the same economic trends that others do. If anything, with unprecedented limitations placed upon our lives, we crave the arts now more than ever as we look to occupy ourselves, feed our minds and have a bit of what we are missing. For example, an auction held in the UK last month saw Bridget Riley’s (British, b.1931) ‘October 5, Revision of August 11’, a classic colourful abstract from 1998, sell to a private bidder for £100,000. This was some 25% above the auctioneer’s top estimate.

Here are 5 pointers which highlight some helpful qualities that contemporary art has to offer when we can benefit from them the most.


  1. Provides you with one or more of your “5 a day”

If memories of learning to draw a fruit and two veg doesn’t make you smile, then perhaps it was just what you needed to make you focus more on science or English rather than art at school! Making an everyday object into something unique is one of the beauties of contemporary art. PM Antiques & Collectables have David Hockney’s (British, b.1937) ‘Two Apples, One Lemon & Four Flowers’ colour lithograph in stock priced at £200.

In 2018 David Hockney held the world record for the highest selling piece of work by any living artist, and his popularity has certainly shown no signs of slowing down. ‘The Splash’, 1967, sold in February this year for over £21 million. The same artwork sold in the same saleroom for a mere £2.9 million in 2006 – a rather satisfactory increase in value, if one may say!

PM Antiques have other fruitful options available including John Armstrong (British, 1893-1973), ‘Still Life with Cherries’, oil on paper (illustrated right) priced at £3000. Or for £700 a Henryk Gotlib (Polish/British, 1890-1966) still life of fruit and bottles on a table.

You can browse our full range of still life interior studies here.


  1. Brings the great outdoors to you, to admire from the comfort of your home

The concept of bringing the outside world to an inside audience is centuries from a new one, but the importance today is that there are times in our lives where it is going to taste that much sweeter. PM Antiques are host to an array of contemporary artists’ colourful landscapes and a diverse range of sceneries, townscapes and beachscapes. Two prime examples are by Timmy Mallet (British, b.1955); oil on boards entitled ‘Cliffs and Surf’ (illustrated below) and ‘Cloud High’, priced £860 and £700 respectively.

See our other outdoor scenes here.


  1. Colour therapy and freedom of thought

What do you feel when you witness a Matador enticing a raging bull, embellished heavily with flashes of bright red? Or on the contrary, what comes over you when you observe the delicate silhouette of a bird, graciously gliding above a serene ocean of pastel blues? Whether we need stimulation, energy, or time to sooth our minds, the realm of contemporary art delivers in abundance. Not having to conform to being realistic like that of a photographic artist, contemporary art also allows us freedom to decide what we want to see in a work – opening a dialogue between the artist and the spectator, rather than the artist guiding us to perceive specifically what they want us to.

Allow your mind to roam with intriguing works like that of Henry Moore (British, 1898-1986), best known for his semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures placed around the world. In 2012 his eight-foot bronze ‘Reclining Figure: Festival’ (1951) sold for £19.1 million at auction – the highest price ever achieved for a work by the artist – making him the second most expensive 20th-century British artist after Francis Bacon.  With accolades like that, it is nice to know you can pick up something much more affordable at PM Antiques. Currently available for £500 is a colour lithograph entitled ‘Sculptural Objects’ (illustrated top), from The School Prints series which also featured works by L.S. Lowry, Julian Trevelyan and John Tunnard.

Or completely let your mind go for something even more abstract and vibrant like the works of Simon Kenny (Irish, b.1976). Our latest oil on canvas by the artist, ‘Echoes in Eternity’, is priced at £1000.


  1. Suggests time to relax and unwind

As well as letting your mind roam with the surreal, it is also important to settle it from time to time with contemporary art’s diverse range. It is not defined by being realistic or abstract, but in fact offers all manners of styles and finishes. After all, it is the art of the current day and really that is the only rule. Appropriately, PM Antiques have offerings by Tina Spratt (British, b.1976), ‘Female Resting’ and ‘Female Reading by Window’ (illustrated right) oils on canvas, each priced at £600.


  1. There is something to suit every personality

Hopefully through this short journey, it has become a little clearer how wide the spectrum is for contemporary art and how it can satisfy all manner of interests – from those who appreciate something more realistic with fluid movements, to those who perhaps enjoy stark geometric lines with more abstract offerings.


We do hope, with perhaps a little more time on your hands than usual, you will take a chance to browse our range. Irrespective of current events, you might just find a piece that makes you smile.

Explore our entire collection of contemporary art here.

Illustrated: Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, ‘Collage 106′. Available for £2500.


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