3 Vintage Watches To Add To Your Collection

When someone says “vintage” what do you think of? Clothes? Toys? Advertising? You might not have considered vintage watches. You’d be surprised at how big the vintage watch market actually is. Looking to get involved? It may not be easy to see the way into collecting watches, after all, there are countless watches to choose from. If you’re stuck on where to start, here’s three different watches to get you on your way. 


Jaeger LeCoultre, backwind 1949

A watch such as the Jaeger LeCoultre is in a different league to others of its time, retailed at a price that was beyond the affordability of all but the most elite. Made in the age of Jazz, this gold specimen has skyrocketed in recent times – in unison with the price inflation of gold – only exacerbating its value to collectors. At the time of production, the craftsmanship of Jaeger LeCoultre was head and shoulders above its competitors. 


Rolex Tudor, gold 1965

Rolex Tudors have a reputation of varying greatly on quality depending on the amount of use the watch has had. This particular style of watch is rather traditional and is unlikely to depreciate in price as result of changes in fashion. Within the case back is a numerical serial number, along with the engraving of R.W.C. for Rolex Watch Company. Rolex are renowned for their superior quality. The company itself had the ethos of making a watch to last a number of years, or even decades – a polar opposite to the watches of today’s era. 


Jaeger LeCoultre, chrome 1945

A watch produced off the back of WWII. Examples like this are highly sought after and can cost over £3000, subject to condition. Such Jaeger LeCoultre watches bear gilt bridge plates and jewels reduced down to the base in order to enhance aesthetics but also ensure that the movement runs impeccably. 


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