3 Reasons Why To Invest In Antiques and Collectables

A different kind of investment 

Investments have a tendency to be seen as complicated, numbers on a spreadsheet, and never actually seeing where your money is going. But antiques aren’t like bonds and savings accounts, you can see your money and have a tangible investment. It has been proven that antiques and collectables have a higher return on investment as they aren’t influenced by inflation rates and market volatility. Furthermore, the value of antiques and collectables do not fluctuate, they only rise with the rarity and quality of the good. The antiques and collectables markets do not align with economic patterns, meaning even in a recession, your items don’t lose value.  

Growing rarity

Antiques of the present were once everyday objects. Some were even disliked by the masses, but are now considered ingenious and invaluable. The value of antiques and collectables are ever climbing provided that the condition is original and unrestored. The rarity of the good means that unlike stocks and shares, your product could be one in a million, and its value could reflect that, the risk is diminished hugely by this. Antiques and collectables are sometimes considered “wasting assets” and therefore aren’t included in inheritance tax. 

Sentimental value 

Stocks and shares are only a means to an end. With antiques and collectables, they provide something more. They can gain value while also adding joy to your home. Whether it’s an upholstered chair or a gold necklace, it can be useful in numerous ways; you can use it and wear it while it still acts as an investment. It also acts as a more stable financial investment – some say that an object protected in your home is less easily accessible to burglars than your bank account funds are to fraudsters. Brighten your life with antiques and collectables.

#CherishAnAntiqueDay – 09/04/2020


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